Peer-reviewed Scientific Publications

Plenderleith, T. L., Johnstone, C. D., Reina, R. D. and Chapple, D. G. (2019)  Density is more important than predation risk for predicting growth and developmental outcomes in tadpoles of spotted tree frog, Litoria spenceri (Dubois 1984). Austral Ecology


Plenderleith, T.L., D. Stratford, G.W. Lollback, R.D. Reina, D.G. Chapple & J-M. Hero (2017) Calling phenology of a diverse amphibian assemblage in response to meteorological conditions. International Journal of Biometeorology

Plenderleith, T.L., K.L. Smith, R.D. Reina & D.G. Chapple (2015) Human-assisted invasions of Pacific islands by Litoria frogs: a case study of the bleating tree frog on Lord Howe Island. PLOS ONE 10(5): e0126287. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0126287


Plenderleith, T.L. & D.C. Forester (2011) Lack of evidence for the Prior Residence Effect in the Allegheny Mountain Dusky Salamander (Desmognathus ochrophaeus). Ethology 117, 565-572


Left: Dusky Salamander (Desmognathus fuscus) my Masters study species.


Townsend, J.H., L.D. Wilson, B.L. Talley, D.C. Fraser, T.L. Plenderleith & S.M. Hughes (2006) Additions to the herpetofauna of Parque Nacional El Cusuco, Honduras. Herpetological Bulletin 96, 29-39


Wilson, L.D., J.H. Townsend, T.L. Plenderleith, B.L. Talley & D.C. Fraser (2006) Squamata, Colubridae, Rhadinaea montecristi: distribution extension. Check List 2, 8-9


Townsend, J.H., S. M. Hughes & T.L. Plenderleith (2005) Geographic distribution. Anolis (Norops) oscelloscapularis. Herpetological Review 36, 466


Townsend, J.H. & T.L. Plenderleith (2005) Geographic distribution. Anolis (Norops) petersii (Peter's Anole). Herpetological Review 36, 466-467


Townsend, J.H., L.D. Wilson, T.L. Plenderleith, B.L. Talley & J.C. Nifong (2005) Ninia pavimentata (Squamata: Colubridae): an addition to the snake fauna of Honduras. Caribbean Journal of Science 41 (4), 869-870




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